Another Swing of the Scythe (2CD)
Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective

Another Swing of the Scythe (2CD)

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"The guitar work is exemplary and on the acoustic side really shines through...
I’m not going to claim this is going to be for everyone, but I found it a dark, rich experience." -- Stuart Hamilton, Blues Matters!

"With the frenetic eloquence of a preacher before his flock, Beeby comes out with sombre little tales that have a common denominator: human mortality...those with some linguistic knowledge will already have worked out, from the German subtitles for each disc, that this is not the land of joie de vivre where everything in the garden is lovely." - Eloy Pérez, Ruta66 (translated)


CD edition of our double EP, Another Swing of the Scythe. A 2-CD bundle, containing both the Totentanz and Mönchsgeier discs. Released 18th February 2021


1. Face this World Alone2. Death be Gentle3. Bodies Back to Crow4. Friday Night5. Lilith6. Time to Go

(Running order is the same for both discs)