Magnolia Smoke
Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective

Magnolia Smoke

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The first full-length album from Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective. I'm crowdfunding this release through pre-orders, and aiming to raise £1800 by the end of 26th July.

Choose your reward tier from the following options:


Get a digital copy (.wav or high-quality .mp3) of the album, plus the singles as they are released - including unreleased 'B'-sides!


A physical copy of the album (autographed, of course), plus digital copies of the album and singles.


Immerse yourself in the full experience. Get the CD (and digital album and singles) plus a tote bag, notebook, and a brand new book covering all my lyrics from the past ten years.

CUSTOM LIVE STREAM - £80 - 14 available

I'll play an online show outside of the usual schedule - and you get to pick the setlist! I'll contact you to discuss date/time, public/private streaming, and other details like that. Plus, get everything from the Deluxe Bundle.

HOUSE CONCERT - £400 - 5 available

I'll turn up and play at yours - live, in person. An evening of live music in your living room, or any other event/venue you might have booked! (Just be sure to warn your neighbours in advance...) Plus, everything from the Deluxe Bundle. Please note: this option is currently only available for addresses in mainland UK.